Is A Forehead Lift Right for You?

The forehead is one of the very first places a person is likely to show signs of aging.  The combination of gravity pulling the skin down, and constant work by the brow muscles going up and down, quickly creates a series of deep creases in the forehead.  Worse, the more of a workout your face gets in a day, the more likely these forehead creases are to appear!

A heavily-creased brow isn’t just a sign of aging, either.  Because of the way other people tend to interpret facial features, someone with a sagging forehead is likely to be perceived as looking tired, sad, or even angry!   That could have a real impact on your day-to-day life. If this sounds familiar, then it might be time to think about a forehead lift.

What You Need to Know About the Forehead Lift

A forehead lift, or brow lift, is a minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery procedure designed specifically to tighten up the brow and reduce -or even eliminate- those deep creases.

There are several different techniques for lifting the forehead, depending on the structure of your face and the severity of the issue.  In most cases, a plastic surgeon will attempt to use endoscopic methods – that is, doing the lift with only the tiniest of incisions into the forehead.  That minimizes scarring, as well as speeding up healing.

In most cases, full recovery only takes a week or two, and you can resume normal day-to-day activities in just a couple of days.  There may be some minor swelling or bruising, but nothing too uncomfortable.

Use of Botox or fillers is another option if you want to entirely avoid surgery.  However, these are only temporary solutions, and you would need to receive injections every few months to keep the rejuvenate effect going.  For most people with heavily-creased brows, a full forehead lift is the better option.

Once you take the plunge, you might be amazed at just what a difference it makes in your life.  Without that “resting grouch face,” you’ll look younger, happier, and more expressive – and all thanks to a single simple procedure.

Craft the Look You Want with Consultants in Ophthalmic & Facial Plastic Surgery

We have nine convenient locations across Michigan so that everyone in the Great Lakes State can have access to the best in brow lifts and other cosmetic procedures.  To get started, simply contact your local office for a consultation! 


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